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Series 49 (109 Photos):
I promised to clean the room, but how strange it was... The whole ground was in PVC and I had to do it for small girls...For heaven's sake, I could clean that. Look! Thanks to my fan F for the nice clothing :-)


Series 48 (111 Photos):
Heeli visited me and wanted to ride the tractor. Oh dear, that was a problem, as he didn't start...and instead of helping us, Peter just shot photos, but Heeli and myself get the tractor started.


Series 47 (111 Photos):
I've never thought, that a Strap-on might be that nice...


Series 46 (66 Photos):
Peter wanted to shoot while my office work. Said and done, suddenly he noticed my small secret, how the daily life becomes sweeter - hihi - now you also know this.


Series 45 (78 Photos):
Look how I decorated my x-mas tree. Peter thought, that you have to see this...but I have no idea, what is so special...


Series 44 (88 Photos):
Heeli used the spare time and she took my ...pattern, so that we came closer and closer


Series 43 (140 Photos):
Look, Peter took some photos, while I tried some metal clothings. The lady designer has lovely stuff, are you interested?


Series 42 (96 Photos):
Outside it was so cold and I had to get warm as quick as possible. However who creeped into my room? Peter of course. and you?


Series 41 (68 Photos):
Each morning I feed the cows. They looked very curious, while they had a look underneath my skirt. I am sure, they haven't seen something like that...


Series 40 (122 Photos):
Heeli visited me and I just planned to have a walk with her...but she really used me. Look at that!


Series 39 (75 Photos):
Sitting in front of my computer I had dirty fantasies...and Peter? He shot photos while my private spittle games...


Series 38 (103 Photos):
Carrying Water and cigarettes I came back, while a muddy hole grinned at me. Yes, yes, yes, i know, I am a small pig...


Series 37 (80 Photos):
Today you may visit me in my bathroom and you can see, how I shave me...without cutting myself - hihi.


Series 36 (66 Photos):
I love to be in the sun at the sea and always get some kinky thoughts


Series 35 (80 Photos):
packed and bondaged like old stranded goods Peter throughed me at the beach...but wait, I came free.


Series 34 (133 Photos):
Ich bin und bleibe ein Schweinchen...kaum besuche ich eine Kirchenruine überkommen mich gleich unanständige Gefühle...gut, dass das unter uns bleibt.


Series 33 (73 Photos):
I am and stay a piggy... Visiting the ruins of a church I got a very naughty feeling... I am so happy, that nobody can see this!


Series 32 (96 Photos):
I enjoy to walk through the nature and I found a raised hide...That was great!


Series 31 (68 Photos):
Last sunbeams were mine, so I had a walk in my bang tight leather trouser...


Series 30 (65 Photos):
Riding the bike is fun, specially when I have a visitor inside...hihihi


Series 29 (61 Photos):
I got bind in handcuffs and he had a chastity belt...anything because I am so hot...


Series 28 (71 Photos):
Togehter with Peter I looked at a flat when I felt very horny...but he turned the tables...oh he is so perverted


Series 27 (55 Photos):
What a thing and I thought to distract the car drivers...Said and done and another lady passed my way: Latexdirndl...


Series 26 (82 Photos):
Today I had a walk. While I passed the CityNord I saw these lovely bears, and I had to show them, what was underneath my coat...


Series 25 (84 Photos):
Weekend was really warm and because Tina has a Pool, we enjoyed it and us...


Series 24 (76 Photos):
In Hamburg was the meeting of all rockers and I am at their middle. Hot men and hot bikes...that's perfect. I felt so pretty with all those kinky men – that I made them hot


Series 23 (73 Photos):
Totally tired, I planned to have awalk at the river Rhine, but it was raining, and my shirty got so wet...


Series 22 (116 Photos):
Looking for an appartement I found something very nice and there were lots of things inside it, which were really cuddly... giggle...look at it...


Series 21 (65 Photos):
Oh I met again lovely Tinchen and there came something...


Series 20 (28 Photos):
Peter made me a gift - so nice undies, how sweet…


Series 19 (45 Photos):
Together with my girlfriend Tina – of course not in chastity and meekness…


Series 18 (30 Photos):
Looking for a nice place at the harbour, I relayed in the sun.


Series 17 (56 Photos):
For Peter I took my golden Lycra outfit. Perfect result, he was kinky and next surprise was, as I played with some radish...


Series 16 (57 Photos):
While this kinky sunshine I drove my runabout and the heat made me so hot...

  Series 15 (48 Photos):
Attack at Peter. Look how I cared about his boor.
  Series 14 (50 Photos):
Beside Saturday is bathing day, I am used to have my washing days at Tuesday. Look at it!!!
  Series 13 (67 Photos):
Today I show you my latest gift of Peter. Yippie, that was booming!!
  Series 12 (59 Photos):
Shopping with Uschi. Yeah, so I showed this floozie my Hamburg.
  Series 11 (82 Photos):
While my daily training I found a stone, which I had to take with me, but what should I do, if there is no pocket...oh yeah...and Peter had a look at me
  Series 10 (106 Photos):
Yesterday, I choosed very elegant clothing. So I decided for my sweet white undies, my stockings and high heels and went outside.
  Series 9 (101 Photos):
Wearing my new white leather dress and small Bolero-Jacket I wanted to to walk through the moor. Suddenly there was the child inside of me and my platform shoes forced me into the mud...
  Series 8 (54 Photos):
Having 32 degrees I had a walk and it was horrible hot, that I went into the next Cafe.
  Series 7 (47 Photos):
At a very lonely place I got the feeling and I had to show my breasts...
  Series 6 (41 Photos):
Harbour birthday in Hamburg. I don't wanted to miss this, as there are always many attractions. However my neighbour was more interested in me...
  Series 5 (41 Photos):
At the station I wanted to pick up my visitors, the first train came, the second and I was full of happiness..but nobody came.
  Series 4 (45 Photos):
In Berlin I met Petra. Wow, what a lady, which is as dirty like me.
  Series 3 (91 Photos):
My daily life in the office. You would like to see how I work? Of course I wear some clothing, which my bosses like...
  Series 2 (53 Photos):
I awaked after having an erotic dream and was so horny, that I moaned very lustful...but suddenly there was the surprise.
  Series 1 (60 Photos):
It knocked at the door from garden site and I just took my leather coat for hiding my dessous. It was my neighbour Peter. Happy to see him, I invited him and showed him, what I wanted.


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